When Two Left Turns Don’t Make a Right: NASCAR and Chicago’s Ongoing Negotiations

In the exhilarating world of NASCAR, where speed is key, it seems negotiations for the second Chicago Street Race is slowing to take a more moderate turn. Well, it wouldn’t be fun without a little dilly-dallying now, would it?

Mayor Brandon Johnson was heard throwing confetti in the wind last week when he happily announced a “new and improved” deal with NASCAR. However, that might have been a tad premature. No neon-signed, legally binding paper has yet seen the ink drying as per Leigh Giangreco of CRAIN’S CHICAGO BUSINESS.

In a refreshing turn of honesty, a Chicago city official said, “We would have gone public once it finalized negotiations.” It seems NASCAR had other plans, or perhaps they couldn’t wait to lay down the tracks for their 2024 schedule announcements.

“That announcement was solely based on needing to put something out there in the context of their overall schedule for 2024,” the city official added. No harm in preparing the spectators for the thunder rolling in, right?

While things are heating up towards the race line, the Johnson administration isn’t lagging in the lap either. They’re hard at ensuring Chicago doesn’t crash into unforeseen expenditures, with NASCAR committing to “reimburse the city for costs at future races.”

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