Racing on the Road and Dining in the Kitchen: Cheddar’s Endorses Kyle Busch… Again!

Sponsorship Renewal, or How Cheddar’s learned to love the race

It’s official: Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, everyone’s favorite spot for American classics, is piling more than just cheese on their plate. Renewing their love for NASCAR, they’ve once again signed up with Richard Childress Racing, Kyle Busch, and the No. 8 Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Chevrolet team to create a spectacular, sizzling mix of racing and dining—an all-American combo that’s proving to be more popular than apple pie.

“I dare say we are overjoyed to wave that green flag once again on our relationship with Richard Childress Racing, Kyle Busch, and the No. 8 team,” laughed John Felton, VP of Marketing for Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. “Our homestyle favorites have found quite the fan base amongst NASCAR watchers, all thanks to Kyle and the RCR team. Now, who’s hungry for more?”

This cooking meets racing combo has been feeding the NASCAR circuit since 2020, and unlike that burger and fries from the drive-thru, the partnership between Cheddar’s and the No. 8 Chevrolet isn’t stagnating. No, sir! Like that secret sauce on your burger, the strategic content, marketing, and communications RCR stirs up for Cheddar’s seems to be the winning recipe.

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen doesn’t just flip pancakes; they are flipping beliefs on what a “pit stop” truly can be with their strategically located eateries. Accentuating the role of the local diner as a pre-or post-race spot, Cheddar’s is serving the NASCAR fans much more than just the No. 8 Special Chicken Tender Platter or the ever-popular No. 8 gift cards.

Moving the needle further, Torrey Galida, the President of RCR, noted, “Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen has innovatively curated their brand by integrating Kyle, the No. 8 team, and so much more into their marketing strategy. Capable of thinking outside the box, they have made the brand synonymous with the excitement of motorsports, simultaneously taking Cheddar’s experience to all corners of the country. Now, isn’t that savory?”

Cheddar’s serves American classics and comfort food in a cozy, welcoming atmosphere where the racegoers can truly feel at home. While each meal is a tribute to homestyle cooking, let’s not forget what’s awaiting those race fans—the slow-smoked Baby Back Ribs, hand-breaded Chicken Tenders, or the warm Honey Butter Croissant, all oh-so-memorable and free!

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