2024 Xfinity Series Driver and Crew Chief Pairings Announced by Kaulig Racing

With the pomp and circumstance of a royal announcement, the national – nay, global – suspense may finally rest as Kaulig Racing has revealed their driver and crew chief pairings for the 2024 Xfinity Series season. We live in a world where Kevin Walter and Josh Williams will form the dynamic duo behind the No. 11 Chevrolet. “Did he say duo?” you may ask. Yes, yes, I did. Suit up, make your bets, and prepare to squeal tires in surprise!

You see, dearest reader, Mr. Walter is stepping up, moving on from his engineering post at JR Motorsports with the No. 8 team. Yes, it’s true – our beloved gearhead is finally grabbing those racing reins #BelieveInKevinWalter.

Ah, but that’s not all. Remember when you paired salt and pepper, beta and VHS, or even Netflix and chill? Well, Kaulig Racing gives you AJ Allmendinger and Alex Yontz. Once upon a 2019 Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and Road America, this duo took the curvy road of collaboration, and now, the reunion is on. It’s as Shakespearean as it gets, folks.

Here’s the cherry on top: the new car smell coming from Shane van Gisbergen’s direction won’t be tamed single-handedly, no siree! Accompanying him is Bruce Schlicker, a bonafide veteran full-time crew chief with heftier baggage – of four solid seasons with Kaulig’s Xfinity program.

Twitter may be spilling over with captions, but let’s not forget those on the field, dear friends. They put on their helmets, suit up, and drive – for love or money, we’ll never know. But we’ll watch. Oh, we will watch.

So here’s to our heroes: Kevin Walter, Josh Williams, AJ Allmendinger, Alex Yontz, Shane van Gisbergen, and Bruce Schlicker. We salute you, and for the love of NASCAR, make sure those tires are properly inflated!

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