A Roundabout Road to Revenue: NASCAR’s Latest Pit Stop? Sports Betting!

Get ready to bust out those dollar bill waltzes as the Tar Heel State prepares to serve up a feast of sports betting goodness! Like a prom king picking partners, sportsbooks have secured deals with our local stars – from pro teams to speedways, NASCAR to golf – they’re all stepping up the tempo.

We’re witnessing a phenomenon not unlike the Russian Tea Room at the height of the matchmaking season. It seems the cream of the betting world has found partners among the sports elite of North Carolina. The Charlotte Hornets, popular with everyone from your Uncle Jim to your pet goldfish, have snagged the most significant deal—and with none other than the global juggernaut, Bet365.

Quail Hollow, more reclusive but a hot commodity, has twirled its way into the arms of Penn Entertainment-owned ESPN Bet. Word on Pit Road is that this agreement includes an undisclosed but promising exclusive sponsorship.

Meanwhile, the PGA Tour has waltzed its way toward FanDuel with a deal with every pore of its privileges oozing market access.

And just when you thought the dancefloor was full, the Carolina Hurricanes blew in with Fanatics. Details? They’re as tight-lipped about this union as your Grandma’s secret hamburger casserole recipe. But insiders hint a sponsor deal could be somewhere in the offing.

Now, let’s turn our headlights toward the motorsports properties, which, like a well-handled vehicle on a slick track, have pivoted to market access pairings. Anonymous sources whisper that DraftKings slid into their lane via NASCAR. At the same time, BetMGM and Betway navigated their deals through Speedway Motorsports’ tracks, with Charlotte Motor Speedway and North Wilkesboro being wined and dined. All remain as mute as a deflated tire; no comments as yet.

But keep your scanners tuned! The sports betting scene in North Carolina is gearing up, and you surely don’t want to get stuck in the pit lane while the rest zoom towards the winner’s circle.

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