Pinsonneault Turns Left, Joins a NASCAR Team Right from his Dreams

Dear NASCAR devotees, should I tell you “hold onto your lug nuts”? No, well, moving on! Today, I get to talk about a combination of speed, pistons, and potential that could put even the most tantalizing plate of southern BBQ to shame!

The Carson Hocevar Racing machine is revving for the 2024 season, and its wheels are already turning toward making a fresh face into a Pro Late Model division sensation. Yes, we’re zooming into the good stuff: Chase Pinsonneault! Chase, a third-gen racer, is donning the gloves under the banner of NASCAR star Carson Hocevar. And no, there’s no relation to Hoover… okay, I’ll stop the dad jokes now.

With a CHR-prepared Pro Late Model in his arsenal, Chase is ready to chase every checkered flag across the Midwest and the Southeastern United States. And here’s the juicier bit: Super Late Model competition is on his radar later in the season.

Carson Hocevar, Racing Team Manager and Crew Chief Zach Dunson is a happy man, seeing a bright future ahead. He busted out with excitement, saying “Carson and I are both very excited for the next chapter…” That’s a lot of excitement going around, folks!

Speaking about Chase, he adds, “We’ve both watched a lot of Chase’s race footage from the 2023 season and you can see just how much raw talent he has.” Dunson’s picked up the mantle here, ladies and gents – ah nuts, I said I won’t say that.

So, what does our youngster Chase have to say about this? “I’m incredibly excited to get to work with Carson,” says our friend from Belle River, ON. “He’s a wheelman, and I’m really happy to have the chance to learn from him and just continue to refine my craft and grow as a racer.”

“And grow as a racer”? Now if that doesn’t make your heart race – is your heart racing? No? Well, somebody call a doctor!

Folks, mark January 20th in your NASCAR calendars. Speedfest at Crisp Motorsports Park in Crisp? That fresh Georgia air’s going to be thick with high-octane excitement…oh wait, high-octane is on the no-no list. Let’s say it’s going to be exciting!

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