Carson Hocevar Racing: A Tale of Confidence, Commitment, and Car Chases

Fasten your seatbelts as Carson Hocevar, itinerant racer and connoisseur of all things NASCAR, heads for a new pit stop to mentor a rising racer, and – wait for it – he’s Canadian! Put that maple leaf down; it’s a story of budding talents, not nationalism.

Chase Pinsonneault, the Belle River native and your soon-to-be favorite polite Canadian stereotype, is stepping into the spotlight under the Carson Hocevar Racing banner for the 2024 season. A NASCAR star grooming a descendant of a car-racing dynasty? That’s as delightfully satisfying as cheese curds on poutine!

“I’m incredibly excited to get to work with Carson,” says the Ontario native, channeling the quiet but unshakeable confidence of Apollo 11 heading for the moon. The green flag has been waved, fellow NASCAR devotees! It’s a maiden voyage into the uncharted waters of the Super Late Model competition.

The man of the hour, Carson Hocevar, isn’t just contributing his knowledge. He’s also bringing along his experienced sidekick, Team Manager, and Crew Chief Zach Dunson, making this a three-man endeavor. With his knack for perseverance, Dunson assures us this isn’t just a friendly drive around the block.

Cheers to Hocevar’s brilliant foresight, finding a racing wunderkind in Pinsonneault who is as moldable as Play-Doh and just as entertaining. This fledgling partnership promises to bring insightful pit-stop breakdowns that one can only nod at, pretending to understand but invariably enjoying regardless.

Brace for impact as Pinsonneault gets cracking in the US, revving up his late-model car across the midwest and southeastern circuits with as much gusto as a Mountie galloping to serve justice.

The racing rendezvous commences January 20th at Speedfest, Crisp Motorsports Park, Cordele, Georgia, where tires kiss the asphalt for the first rumbling race. In the words of our new favorite dynamic duo, they’re “ready to get started,” and they just cannot hold their horses. So why should you?

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