Like a Sponge on Wheels: The Absorbing Story of Chase Pinsonneault

Under a new symbiotic alliance with NASCAR ace Carson Hocevar, Chase Pinsonneault, the third-generation driver, is preparing to open new chapters in his auto racing journey. Having demonstrated remarkable talent at Delaware Speedway and toured Ontario with the APC United Late Model Series in 2023, Pinsonneault is a spark of raw talent ready to ignite in the 2024 season.

The Canadian sensation will grace the circuits across the Midwest and the Southeastern United States by embracing traditional competitive bounds, driving for the newly initiated Carson Hocevar Racing team. He plans to transition to Super Late Model competition as the season progresses to improve his track prowess.

An open secret today, the game has always been a fickle mistress. To continue the upward trajectory, one needs firm backing, relentless hard work, and an unquenchable thirst to evolve. When Carson Hocevar Racing Team Manager Zach Dunson saw these qualities in Pinsonneault, the endeavor to build a dynamic partnership proved inevitable.

Dunson, expressing his enthusiasm, stated, “Carson and I have watched a lot of Chase’s race footage from the 2023 season, and the raw talent is undeniable.” The lineage of Pinsonneault’s racing background further bolsters this claim, as his family has been part of the Motorsports industry for generations.

Joining hands with Carson Hocevar Racing gives Pinsonneault a unique learning opportunity. The Belle River, ON native, is all set to refine his craft alongside Hocevar, drawing upon his years of experience and racing finesse. The opportunity offers an incredible growth vehicle, both on and off the track.

Pinsonneault is ready for the challenge, primed to race against some of the best, including veterans like Bubba Pollard. The association with Carson Hocevar Racing injects a sizzling dose of adrenaline and ambition into his journey.

Stay tuned for Pinsonneault’s keenly awaited debut with Carson Hocevar Racing on January 20th at Speedfest at Crisp Motorsports Park, geared up for a roller-coaster ride of thrilling sprints and strategic victories.

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