NASCAR’s Elliott Swerving with a Sling: Mending and Mocking Injuries One Lap at a Time

Chase Elliot Resting longingly looking at his #9

Here’s a curve Elliott wasn’t counting on – but it didn’t throw him off track (well, off the social media tracks, at least). Chase Elliott, the maven at the wheel of Hendrick Motorsports No. 9 Chevrolet, has just sideswiped us with unexpected news, casually dropped like spare bolts from an engine. The man’s been nursing a shoulder injury and has decided to get it fixed up (during the off-season!)

Typical Elliott style, he takes to X (nostalgically known as Twitter) and posts a cheeky “little life update.” In said update, he’s chilling with his right arm in a sling, mentioning “an old injury I needed to get tended to.” The guy’s got comedic timing better than a jester at court, making light of his situation with a wink to his fan base.

Even more interesting, he cleverly compares his shoulder operation to “my last surgery”, pointedly referencing the unfortunate leg injury that parked him for six laps, sorry races, early in the game last season. On a more serious (read empathetic) note, Elliott assures everyone that he’s “all good, ready to go” for the NASCAR Cup Series 2024.

So, fasten your seatbelts, folks – sorry, no pun intended there. Does this mean Elliott’s racing back to a clean bill of health? It sure seems like it. Because when it comes to NASCAR, there’s nothing pitiful about a pit stop. Get well soon, Chase Elliott! Your steering wheel misses you just as much as we do.

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