A Fond Farewell to Ken Squier: Reflecting on An Iconic NASCAR Career

Sayonara, Squier! A Tribute to the NASCAR Hall of Famer We All Loved

What’s that? You’ve never heard of the one and only Ken Squier? Hold onto your hats because you’re about to get schooled in some serious NASCAR history!

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room. We lost a great one, folks. Mr. Squier, NASCAR Hall of Famer, beloved commentator, and overall legend of the racetrack, passed from this world and entered the last pit stop of his journey. As Dave Moody (@DGodfatherMoody) reported, our ol’ buddy Ken earned his wings surrounded by his loving family.

Known for his gift of gab and knack for capturing the intensity of the race, Squier’s voice was often the soundtrack of our Sunday afternoons. Mixing his thoughtful commentary with a dash of cunning wit, he created an ambiance that even a monk on a silent retreat could appreciate.

Ashley Jane Squier, his daughter, shared the sad news and a heartfelt update about her “passionate and vibrant father.” Posted on the WDEV Vermont Radio Facebook Page, the message expressed gratitude for the prayers and good wishes from the NASCAR community.

Remember that time when Ken lobbed softballs and old friends like Mike Joy, Dr. Dick Berggren, Jack Arute, and Alan Bestwick caught them at the New England Racing Museum? Oh, what an unforgettable day! There’s no denying that Squier had a knack for storytelling that made everybody feel like they were part of the NASCAR family.

So, here’s to Ken Squier. A man who could take the rumbling of engines and turn it into poetry. A man who had the power to make his listeners feel every twist and turn of the track—a man whose legacy reverberates through the heart and soul of every NASCAR fan.

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