Thrills and Precision: The 2024 zMAX CARS Tour Unveiled

Revving Up for 2024: zMAX CARS Tour Announces Action-Packed Racing Schedule

The 2024 zMAX CARS Tour Racing Calendar: A Spectacle of Speed and Skill

The racing world is set to witness an electrifying 2024 season as the zMAX CARS Tour officials recently unveiled a 19-race schedule that promises to blend traditional charm with contemporary challenges. Starting at the Southern National Motorsports Park in March and culminating at the venerable North Wilkesboro Speedway in mid-October, the season is a tapestry of precision, speed, and spirited competition.

The Charm of North Wilkesboro: A Double Treat

A notable highlight of the season is the inclusion of North Wilkesboro Speedway for two pivotal events. This historic track will host the Pro Late Model division, marking the beginning of NASCAR’s All-Star week, and will also be the battleground for the Late Model Stock Cars. The final face-off at North Wilkesboro in October, where champions in both divisions will be crowned, adds a fitting climax to the season.

Orange County Comeback and the Prestigious Old North State Nationals

The return of the Orange County Speedway to the schedule marks a rejuvenation of an old relationship. Hosting both Late Model Stock Cars and Pro Late Models, it’s a testament to the tour’s commitment to diverse racing experiences. With its lucrative prize and doubleheader format, the much-anticipated Old North State Nationals at Tri-County Speedway adds a layer of high-stakes competition to the Memorial Day Weekend.

Diverse Tracks, Unified Excitement

The Late Model Stock Car division’s journey through 13 different facilities, starting from the Southern National Motorsports Park, speaks to the tour’s dedication to variety and wide-ranging appeal. Each track, with its unique characteristics, challenges drivers to adapt and excel in different racing conditions.

The Pro Late Model Division: A Distinctive Journey

While largely sharing stages with the Late Model Stock Cars, the Pro Late Models will also have standalone events, including the season opener and the race at North Wilkesboro Speedway. These events uniquely spotlight the division’s talent and competitive ethos.

FloRacing: Bringing the Action Live

Thanks to the extended partnership with FloRacing, fans globally can experience every twist and turn of the season live. This collaboration not only broadens the reach of the tour but also allows fans to engage with the sport more intimately.

Conclusion: A Season of Anticipation

The 2024 zMAX CARS Tour is poised to be a season of both races and narratives, where skill, strategy, and speed fuse to create unforgettable moments. It’s more than just a series of events; it celebrates motor racing’s enduring spirit.

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Full CARs Tour 2024 Schedule

Mar 2Southern National Motorsports ParkPLM
Mar 9Southern National Motorsports ParkLMSC
Mar 23New River All American SpeedwayLMSC
Apr 6Hickory Motor SpeedwayLMSC/PLM
Apr 20Orange County SpeedwayLMSC/PLM
May 3Ace SpeedwayLMSC/PLM
May 14North Wilkesboro SpeedwayPLM
May 15North Wilkesboro SpeedwayLMSC
May 25Tri-County SpeedwayLMSC/PLM
June 1Langley SpeedwayLMSC
June 15Dominion RacewayLMSC
July 3Caraway SpeedwayLMSC/PLM
July 27Hickory Motor SpeedwayLMSC/PLM
Aug 9Ace SpeedwayLMSC/PLM
Aug 24Wake County SpeedwayLMSC
Aug 30Florence Motor SpeedwayLMSC/PLM
Sept 14South Boston SpeedwayLMSC/PLM
Oct 12Tri-County Motor SpeedwayLMSC/PLM
Oct 19North Wilkesboro SpeedwayLMSC/PLM
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