Our Damper Template was Having a Bad Hair Day

Well, folks, if you thought an inspection was as simple as a once-over and a thumbs-up, buckle up because you’re in for a ride. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway event provided quite a spectacle this Monday, proving that even the sport of champions isn’t foolproof.

Samsung Galaxy, you might wanna reconsider your tagline – ‘no room for error’? Apparently, there was room for one at NASCAR. Their damper template had a bit of a hiccup during the inspection, and it led to, let’s say a minor miscalculation. They saw our honorable No. 12 violating rule in the NASCAR Rule Book. Frankly, the poor damper template’s dignity was the only thing broken here.

But hey, any bad day can turn into a good day over a cup of Joe and some debriefing. Up in the NASCAR offices this Monday morning, they decided to un-spin the wheel and backtrack on the disqualification. Seems like the damper template finally started behaving or maybe NASCAR officials decided to lay off the sauce on weekdays.

Whatever slowed the rush to judgment, Team Penske is already on the path of celebration. There they are, wearing their finest smiles and throwing their litigious dance party. As the team rightly pointed out, NASCAR has shown remarkable integrity during the process – once they sorted their faulty damper template glitch. So, break out the confetti because No. 12 is back in their rightful place!

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