Jake Garcia’s Future Plans Unveiled: Leaving McAnally-Hilgemann Racing

Hold your engines, folks! Our beloved rookie, Jake Garcia, has just hit the brake on his fantastic stint with McAnally-Hilgemann Racing. Announced on Twitter/X this Monday, he’ll be rolling out of their pit box for the last time in 2023. But before you start pouring motor oil for your sorrows, Garcia is not hanging his helmet.

On the contrary, he has a new venture flashing in his rear-view mirror. β€œI will be pursuing a new opportunity in 2024 that I am excited to share in the near future,” Garcia shared on his social account – sparking both curiosity and excitement among fans. Packed in his trusty old No. 35 truck, Garcia is prepared to deliver his all in the last two races, aiming nothing short of victory lane. Quite the send-off, eh, guys?

β€œThis whole journey with McAnally-Hilgemann Racing and the support from Quanta Services and Adaptive One has been a ride worth every gear change,” the rookie expressed. You see, even without any roaring engines or scorching tires, Garcia’s tracks on the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series have been proudly marked with two top-five and a whopping eight top-10s, parking him comfortably at 14th in the driver standings.

Rumor has it that he’s rolling toward Homestead-Miami Speedway this weekend, maybe one last truck-dusted, victory-brimmed race before stepping into his new horizon. But hey, it’s not the end of an era, just a pit stop in an adrenaline-loaded journey.

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