Mamma Jamma, It Happened Again: Rhodes Wins Second Championship

Another Championship Win Secured by Rhodes at Phoenix Race

Ben Rhodes, a name now firmly established in the annals of the NASCAR Truck series, added another feather to his cap by securing his second championship win. A tumultuous race in Phoenix was marked by the resilience and agility displayed by Rhodes and his team in facing adversity.

Described as one of the craziest races he’s witnessed, Team Crew Chief, Richard Lushes, recounts the race’s events with relief and exuberance. Despite early snags and struggles, Team Rhodes strategized their way to victory. As Lushes said, “We were sitting there thinking, okay, we’re in a great spot… everything played out.”

Surely, he was not alone in this sentiment. Allison Thorson, a key member of the championship team, echoed this acceptance of unpredictability and gratitude for a favorable outcome. ““Relieved” is a great word if we were to sum up in one word,” she succinctly encapsulated the overarching feelings of the team.

The 26-year-old, Ben Rhodes, candidly added his bit, casting light on his mindset during the momentous win. From expressing frustration at multiple overtimes to commending Richard’s supreme confidence, his humorous digressions added a unique flavor to the conversation. “I was pretty angry…but I’m with you, brother,” Rhodes chuckled as he descended into laughter recounting the final moments.

Lushes and Thorson agree on a familiar narrative: The race was one for the books, even by NASCAR standards. As Rhodes commented, “28 laps of overtime… I was getting frustrated, I’m not going to lie. I’m glad we’re here, but I didn’t really think anything of it.”

For the complete official transcript of the championship, [Click Here]

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