Just When You Thought He Was Done…He Fuels Up Again, Tommy Joe Martins Eyeing More Short Track Events

Tommy Joe Martins, co-owner and general manager for Alpha Prime Racing, partook in an unexpected role as an entrant in the recent ASA STARS National Tour All American 400 at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. A passion project, the endeavor was relatively last-minute, as revealed in an exclusive interview with Racing America.

“We kind of put this deal together a little more last minute, but it was kind of a pet project of my dad and the former Martin’s Motorsports co-owner Rodney Reisen,” commented Martins. He expressed that future regional short-track events beckon, with Martins aiming to participate in more such events under the No. 44 entry.

Showcasing his enthusiasm for the sport, Martins disclosed plans to participate in an array of late model stock events in the Carolinas and Virginia, alongside some Super races. An opportune partnership with Derek Peebles, he suggests, could lead to more participation in CARS Tour events.

Previously, Martins’ schedule encompassed part-time participation in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and NASCAR Xfinity Series. His promotion to a full-time competitor in the NASCAR Xfinity Series in 2020 marked a notable shift. After two full-time seasons, Martins pivoted to helm Alpha Prime Racing’s management in 2022.

During the All-American 400, Martins’ initiation appeared somewhat stilted, grappling with an ill-functioning race car and rust layered from disuse on his driving skills. However, Martins persevered through, evincing endurance and resilience. Despite his car’s persistent handling issues, he proved unyielding when an enormous crash erupted with around 100 laps remaining. Safely steering clear of the chaos, Martins refocused and remobilized, inscribing himself within the top 10 running order of the Super Late Model event.

Sadly, Martins’ spirited drive was thwarted when the No. 44 entry ran out of fuel, repositioning him in the 15th place. Yet, amidst the frustrations, Martins remains positive. Every race, every fueling mishap is a learning experience, a stepping stone towards advances in his competitive abilities. Tommy Joe Martins might have stopped for fuel, but he is fueled up on passion – ready for what the racing world bestows upon him next.

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