From Stepping Down to Stepping Up: Custer’s Comeback

Cole Custer Crowned 2023 NASCAR Xfinity Series Champion”

Taking the checkered flag in the adrenaline-pulsing world of NASCAR is no easy feat, but 23-year-old Cole Custer made it look almost simple at the 2023 NASCAR Xfinity Series Championship. Despite a last-minute caution and a tension-filled restart, Custer managed to shift gears and seize victory on the racetrack.

Custer shared some of his on-track thought processes during the post-race press conference. “Man, the caution came out there with like five to go,” he recalled. “You’re frustrated because it’s like, ‘Man, we had them covered there.’ But it is what it is. We’ve done this long enough where you’ve got to keep your cool, and you’ve got to take a deep breath.”

His calm demeanor and carefully executed strategy paid off, even though he didn’t feel confident at first. “Every single restart, it’s a toss-up… I went with my gut on the top, sticking strongly to the middle…but just didn’t work out.” But Custer didn’t let that initial setback prevent him from racing hard and pushing for the win.

And when asked about his mentor and team boss Tony Stewart, Custer’s face lights up, the pride in his voice evident. He cherishes the mentorship and shared wisdom from someone with so much experience in racing.

Despite navigating a form of demotion earlier this year, Custer’s tenacity and unwavering work ethic eventually led him down victory lane. “You get kind of knocked down a little bit… To come down here and still have people believe in you, to work with J.T., and really grind it out… is unbelievable.”

All in all, the eventful and exhilarating 2023 NASCAR Xfinity Series Championship was a testament to Cole Custer’s growth, both as a driver and as a person. Click Here.

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