Corey Heim’s Team Forgets Appeal Like I Forget My Mom’s Birthday… Whoops!

Tricon’s Latest Strategy: Pay Fines First, Ask Questions Never

Hey there! I’m John Speedway, the chap who knows the track like the back of his hand – probably because that’s all I’m looking at while telling you about the latest pit stop on the news circuit. This time, I’m talking about Corey Heim and the Tricon team deciding to skip down the appeal alley and cozy up straight to the penalty plaza.

Bob Pockrass, a fellow chronicler of rubber-meets-road literature, delivered the buzz. Ask him yourself [@bobpockrass]. It seems Heim’s garage mates forgot to file their homework – which means appealing against a penalty involving a celebrity figure of $12,500 vanished from the coffers and a championship-costing 25 points evaporated from the scoreboard.

If you’re into the who-did-what and why, check out the thread that weaves this tale of oopsy-daisies over at [Bob Pockrass’s Twitter]

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