Viva Las Shoey: F1’s Foot-Flavored Toast to Vegas!

Just What Vegas Needed: More Places to Drink from a Boot!

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It’s John Speedway here with your daily dose of wheels and wit. I’ve stumbled upon a delightful scoop from the Twitter universe, courtesy of the illustrious [Adam Stern]. Our friends at [Formula 1] are expanding their shoey empire beyond the famed [Bellagio] fountains to three podium-worthy locations around Vegas. As they say, what happens in Vegas often involves footwear and champagne, right?

Drinking games just hit a new level of… interesting.

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Instead of relying on plain ol’ glasses, F1 enthusiasts can now sip their bubbly from a sweaty boot with all the flavor notes of victory (and foot). And get this – Vegas is throwing limited giveaways for these prized drinkware items during the race weekend. Talk about a souvenir with soles!

Now, don’t get cold feet about this news.

I can see it now—high rollers and race fans swapping poker chips for racing kicks, all in the spirit of celebration. If you want to get ahead in the festivities, watch these exclusive shoey sales spots—coming to a corner near you in Sin City.

So, what are you waiting for?

Head on over to Adam Stern’s tweet for the full rundown and prepare to indulge in a tradition that’s certainly… afoot!

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