The Left-Front Shock Heard Around the Track

If Ol’ Blue Eyes was still around, the title of his next big hit could be “Luck Be a Shock Absorber Tonight”. That would certainly be the theme running through Ryan Blaney’s helmet. The incident that occurred was so strange that it could be considered unbelievable even in the realm of fiction. I’ve made sure to correct any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Blaney’s #12 ride has been disqualified from the results of the South Point 400 NASCAR Cup Series race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Why, you ask? Because the left-front shock didn’t reach the top shelf. It was too short! were

Now, that’s not your everyday Monday water cooler chat, folks. According to the sacred text NASCAR Rule Book number, Blaney’s shock absorber didn’t stack up to the overall specified length. Who would have thought that competing in NASCAR might require a tape measure?

Meanwhile, Zoommaster #5-Kyle Larson was officially declared the winner in a less shocking development. Green flag, checkered flag, whatever color flag you want to wave, Larson saw it first. As straight and confirmed as a Nevada highway, Larson finds himself locked into the Championship race. If he keeps firing on all cylinders, we might have to start calling him ‘Slot Machine Larson’ because he’s hitting the jackpot every time he steps into that steel chariot of his.

There it is, folks, your dose of NASCAR antics. Now remember, before fussing over the length of your shock absorbers, remember it’s not about how long they are – it’s about how well they absorb the shocks!

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