Plot Twist: NASCAR Deals Finish Line Is Now On Amazon & TNT

As Traditional Media Sprints for Cover, NASCAR Cruises Towards Streaming

Beginning with the 2025 Cup Series season, sources confirmed that broadcast giant FOX Sports will carry the baton for the first 14 races of the adrenaline-packed season. But no, they are not going solo! Original partner NBC holds the reins of the last 14 races. Hold your breath because in the middle of this on-track action, the ten races will swerve into a new arena – split primarily between TNT and a streaming partner speculated to be Amazon.

This intel points towards an official announcement to clear the dust at 5 p.m. EST. on Wednesday in Nashville, per trusted voices in Motorsport.

Television networks Fox and NBC agreed to renew their packages months ago, a move expected to maintain the media rights solvency for NASCAR in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, a midseason package including as many as ten races emerged from the pits, currently brokered to entice new bidders to fly the green flag. With added races supplementing the deal, potential broadcasters Amazon and Turner appear well-positioned to pick up the entire midseason coverage. NASCAR’s aspiration, however, continues to be the promise of a singular media company endorsing the ten races.

As fans continue to switch gears toward streaming platforms, NASCAR’s media rights negotiations have taken an extended pit stop. The wait is anticipated to pay off as the ongoing talks with Fox, NBC, Amazon, and Turner affirm continued interest in the motor racing organization.

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