No Pit Stops Needed at This Ice Rink!

Bristol Motor Speedway Throws a Curve…Opens Ice Rink!

The chill of winter is getting underway, and with it comes a unique offering from an unexpected location – Bristol Motor Speedway (BMS). On November 16, at 4 p.m., BMS will welcome visitors to the Tri-Cities Airport Ice Rink, the Appalachian Highlands region‘s beloved and long-standing ice rink.

Located at BMS Entrance 1 and brought to you courtesy of Stateline Services, this wintry arena stands near the iconic “It‘s Bristol Baby!” monument, creating an exceptional spot for family outings this holiday season. The rink will be open most nights until Sunday, January 14, with online reservations accepted in advance.

The Tri-Cities Airport Ice Rink is a cornerstone attraction of the 27th annual Pinnacle Speedway In Lights, sparked to life by TVA. This annual fundraiser for the Bristol Chapter of Speedway Children‘s Charities is famous for illuminating the season with over 3 million lights across a five-mile route.

To look at Bristol’s winter wonderland, visit the BMS website for more details about operation hours, admission fees, and closure dates. Don’t miss this festive opportunity to experience Bristol Motor Speedway from a fresh, icy perspective.

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