Massive Reveal: Joe Gibbs Racing Announces Driver Line-Up for 2024 Season

This wide-format watercolor painting vividly captures the essence of high-speed racing inspired by the Skip Barber Racing School and JGR drivers. At the forefront, the No. 18 and No. 81 GR Supras, driven by Sheldon Creed and Chandler Smith, are depicted with an intense sense of speed and competition. The dynamic strokes and vibrant colors create a sense of motion, emphasizing the thrill of the race. Aric Almirola and John Hunter Nemechek in the shared No. 20 car are portrayed with a focus on teamwork and collaboration. The bustling activity around the No. 19 GR Supra is artistically represented, featuring Ryan Truex, William Sawalich, Joe Graf Jr., and Taylor Gray. The background subtly integrates elements of a racetrack, symbolizing the transition from theory to practice, a nod to the Skip Barber Racing School. The overall composition is energetic and colorful, effectively encapsulating the racing

And You Thought Your Fantasy League Was Intense… JGR’s 2024 Line-Up Unveiled

This post zooms to you courtesy of our pals at Skip Barber Racing School, the maestros of the racing world.

At the forefront of the JGR speed parade, Sheldon Creed and Chandler Smith are revved up in the No. 18 and No. 81 GR Supras, respectively. They’re not riding solo, though. Aric Almirola and John Hunter Nemechek are taking turns at the wheel of the No. 20 car. In contrast, the No. 19 GR Supra becomes a racing carousel with Ryan Truex, William Sawalich, Joe Graf Jr., and Taylor Gray hopping in and out.

Sheldon Creed, the 2020 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series champ, comes to JGR with a record that could turn a grandma’s fridge into a trophy case – boasting 70 Xfinity Series starts and a heap of top-10 finishes.

Enter Chandler Smith, the rookie sensation turned JGR star, riding high on the wave of his first Xfinity Series win at Richmond Raceway.

Like a Skip Barber Racing School student smoothly transitioning from theory to track, Almirola and Nemechek slide back into JGR’s embrace for the Xfinity Series races. Almirola breaks away from a 12-year Cup Series stint, returning to his Xfinity roots with JGR, while Nemechek is set to replicate his sensational 2023 season.

Fresh from his debut victory at Dover Motor Speedway, Ryan Truex is back in the No. 19 GR Supra, revving up for another JGR adventure.

Right out of his rookie NASCAR Truck Series season, Taylor Gray is making an exciting leap into his Xfinity debut. It’s like watching someone graduate from go-karts to Formula 1 – only at Skip Barber, they teach you how to handle the speed!

Then there’s William Sawalich, fresh off a string of victories in the ARCA Menards Series and gearing up for his NASCAR Xfinity Series debut, proving you can balance school and sports, especially when your school is the racetrack.

Steve DeSouza, JGR’s EVP of NASCAR Xfinity Series/Development, has mixed up this driver cocktail with a flair that would impress even a Skip Barber Racing School instructor. The team promises a blend of “experience, youth, wisdom, and talent” that hooked fans more than a fish at a bait shop.

JGR’s crew roster is getting a facelift, too, with new chiefs Tyler Allen, Seth Chavka, and Sam McAulay joining forces with veteran Jeff Meendering, all pumped up for the most thrilling ride of 2024.

JGR’s ongoing partnership with Toyota keeps the wheels turning, fielding a Camry for the ARCA Menards Series. Sawalich is all set to defend his 2023 ARCA Menards Series East championship, with Tanner Gray covering when age restrictions apply.

So, buckle up, racing fans! This season promises more twists and turns than a Skip Barber Racing School slalom course. With JGR, it’s not your usual lap around the track.

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