Jeb Burton’s First Take on the Snowflake 100

Snowball Derby: A Walk in the Park for Jeb? Not So Fast

Quite renowned in the late-model racing sphere, the Snowball Derby and Snowflake 100 arrest attention irrespective of your motoring background. The notorious challenge of 5 Flags Speedway is never one to underestimate, as Jeb Burton, no stranger to motor racing, has discovered during his first Snowflake 100 attempt.

The two-time NASCAR Xfinity Series victor tasted success in a surprise Super Late Model competition at North Wilkesboro Speedway earlier this season. However, this week turned out a bit bitter for him as he grappled with gaining speed during the Snowflake 100 practice.

A team discussion was the fallout of Friday’s practice, giving birth to a series of tactics to accelerate the No. 27 Adventures In Racing vehicle. Despite the overwhelming situation, Burton exuded positivity regarding their perceptions of the speed adjustments necessary for the late-model race car.

“These cars have no horsepower, and this track invites you to drive the hell out of it,” shared Burton candidly with Racing America. Circumstances notwithstanding, Burton felt an upturn in the car’s performance from earlier trials, offering a glimmer of hope for the forthcoming Snowflake 100.

Viewing situations from a different lens and taking these hurdles head-on, Burton claims a tenth of a second modification in his fast lap time can make all the difference. Despite previously never stepping foot on this circuit and lacking test sessions, optimism hasn’t left Burton’s pit.

Around a month ago, Burton’s participation in the Snowflake 100 was hastily decided. Yet, his performance at North Wilkesboro Speedway came to pass due to an impromptu call right before the event. While qualifying might come with some trepidation due to these untimely decisions, Burton remains confident they can pull off the necessary amendments for a fighting chance.

If Burton needs to fall back on speed to get into the Snowflake 100 race, he also has the Last Chance Qualifier Race as a safety net. “Pressure is a part of our sport,” Burton confidently stated, accepting and determination as his saving grace.

Whether the race weekend is personally fruitful for Burton or not, he’s grateful for the opportunity to contest some of the best in the Pro Late Model landscape, reflecting on his thankful sentiment to Bobby [Reuse] and the rest who invited him.

The much-anticipated race will unfold at the 5 Flags Speedway on Monday, December 4th. Tune in to Racing America for live coverage of the Snowflake 100 and more. Get the Sunday/Monday PPV pass at for the Snowball Derby weekend for uninterrupted viewing.

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