From the Speedway to the Circuit: Trackhouse’s Interesting New Foray

Trackhouse Racing: Not Just for Cars Anymore

In a move that surprises everyone snapping their goggles, Trackhouse Racing announced they are skidding into the FIM MotoGP World Championship arena – yep, that’s motorcycle racing, folks. By expanding their operation from the NASCAR Cup Series and setting up a factory team with Aprilia, the motorcycle manufacturer in Noale, Italy, they will represent the only American team in the MotoGP Series.

Justin Marks, the man behind this daring venture and owner of Trackhouse Entertainment Group, is no shy violet regarding risky business. Notorious for his innovative Project91 program in the NASCAR Cup Series that featured international drivers and produced tantalizing wins, Marks referred to this MotoGP evolution as a monumental moment. As he puts it, “Our entry into the MotoGP World Championship is another step in the execution of that vision.”

If you’re wondering, the FIM MotoGP World Championship isn’t your local bike cup but the cream of motorcycling championship series. Providing a stage for eleven teams, each fielding two riders, we can look forward to a gripping racing calendar of 22 races across 19 countries, kicking off next March.

This might all sound a tad strange for die-hard NASCAR fans – what can an auto racing team bring to a motorcycling championship? Might as well ask a NASCAR driver to tiptoe on a tightrope! But the Trackhouse team, with their hard-earned success and unique strategies, might have the winning twist. After all, Marks has raced in NASCAR and competes in the Trans Am Series.

And for those still doubting, let’s not forget Trackhouse’s notable NASCAR swag – Shane van Gisbergen’s win at the inaugural Chicago street race. Among their roster is 2007 Formula 1 champion Kimi Räikkönen, and they have a sprinkle of showbiz sparkle with co-owners like Pitbull.

Is Trackhouse going to reinvent the motorcycle wheel? Marks certainly hopes so. “We feel that MotoGP is perfectly positioned for massive growth…”. So, as Trackhouse takes their asphalt-hugging metal beasts onto the tarmac, let’s wait and watch how this play unfolds.

And hey, with Pitbull in the mix, at least we’re guaranteed a good soundtrack while we wait!

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