What to Do Near Darlington Raceway: A Weekend Guide for NASCAR Fans Who Want More Than Left Turns


Ah, Darlington Raceway—where the rubber meets the road, and where fans meet their yearly quota for adrenaline. But let’s be honest, even the most die-hard NASCAR fans can’t spend all weekend watching cars make left turns. So, what’s a fan to do when they’ve had their fill of pit stops and photo finishes? Fear not, fellow speed demons; we’ve got you covered faster than a pit crew changes a tire.

Restaurants Near Darlington Raceway

1. Joe’s Grill

Description: Joe’s Grill is so American it practically serves freedom fries and bald eagle burgers. Okay, maybe not, but you get the point. This is the place to go if you want to feel like you’re eating in your grandma’s kitchen—assuming your grandma makes killer burgers and has a soft spot for NASCAR.

2. South of Pearl

Description: If you’re looking to swap your racing suit for a suit-suit, South of Pearl is your jam. This place is so Southern, the sweet tea comes with a drawl. Get ready to loosen your belt a notch or two because the portions are as generous as a grandma at Christmas.

3. Mayflower Seafood Restaurant

Description: Ahoy, seafood lovers! Mayflower is where Poseidon would dine if he were a NASCAR fan. The fish is so fresh, it practically swims onto your plate. And let’s be honest, nothing says “I love speed” like devouring a plate of shrimp faster than a car zooming down the track.

Bars Near Darlington Raceway

1. Carolina Nightlife & Grill

Description: If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to dance in a NASCAR pit, Carolina Nightlife & Grill is the closest you’ll get. With drinks flowing like motor oil and a dance floor as packed as the stands, this bar is the pole position of nightlife.

2. Chianti’s Wings & Things

Description: Wings and beer: the peanut butter and jelly of the adult world. Chianti’s is where you can debate whether Dale Earnhardt or Richard Petty is the G.O.A.T., all while munching on wings hotter than a car engine after 500 miles.

3. Fahrenheit 225

Description: This bar is so cool, it’s hot. Get it? Fahrenheit 225 serves up BBQ that’s smokier than a burnout at the finish line. Pair that with a craft beer, and you’ve got yourself a winning combo.

Other Fun Places to Visit

1. Darlington County Water Park

Description: If you’re looking to make a splash unrelated to a car crashing into a wall, the Darlington County Water Park is your oasis. Perfect for cooling down your engines after a hot day at the raceway.

2. Darlington Raceway Stock Car Museum

Description: This museum is so NASCAR, you’ll leave with a Southern accent. It’s the perfect place to get your fix of racing history and pretend you’re a commentator with more knowledge than Darrell Waltrip.

3. Midnight Rooster

Description: If you’ve ever wanted to sip artisanal coffee while playing board games and listening to live music, then Midnight Rooster is your hipster haven. It’s like a coffee shop and a speakeasy had a baby, and that baby loves NASCAR.


So there you have it, folks! Darlington isn’t just a one-trick pony—or should we say, a one-turn track. Whether you’re into gourmet grub, boogie nights, or just some good ol’ fashioned fun, Darlington has something for every NASCAR fan.

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