Notoriously Slow ‘Fast Track’ Plans a Whopping 12 Events!

Only 365 Days in a Year, But Thompson Speedway Squeezes In 12 Races!

Thompson Speedway, a historic oval of speed since 1939, unveils its promising twelve-event line-up for the hefty 2024 season. The ACT and PASS have carefully curated a mix of traditional and newly established races throughout the year, sure to impress drivers and spectators.

The season starts with the 50th Icebreaker weekend, a ritual event that reignites racing’s thrill in New England. The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series will grace the track for the first time on April 6, closely followed by the celebrated NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, reappearing for the Icebreaker weekend on April 7.

As tradition dictates, the Icebreaker weekend will fire the starting gun for the Thompson Speedway championship races for the Late Models, SK Light Modifieds, and Mini Stocks. The previous Limited Sportsman division has evolved into the new Street Stock division after comprehensive deliberations with several teams, a change aimed at refreshing the show.

Here’s a twist – the Sunoco World Series of Speedway Racing will embrace the pomp and pageantry of the Tour-type Modifieds for three days. Commencing with the Modified Racing Series on October 11, the illustrious event will climax on Sunday, October 13. The season will wrap up with an adrenaline-charged, action-packed finale where the Thompson Speedway champions will be crowned – as is tradition.

So, for all those speed seekers and power enthusiasts, it’s time to mark your calendars; the Thompson Speedway’s 2024 schedule of groundbreaking events promises to be a spectacle that shouldn’t be missed.

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