As The Wheels Turn: Richard Petty’s Love Song to Nashville

Richard Petty Woos Nashville: A NASCAR Romance

Nashville, consider yourself serenaded by the ‘King’ of NASCAR himself, Richard Petty. This is John Speedway, and I think there’s some NASCAR love in the air.

With a jaw-dropping 201 career victories under his belt, the bonafide racing royalty recently graced Nashville with his royal presence. And our Speedway radar tells us it wasn’t just for biscuits and country music.

Trade the cowboy boots for driving shoes, Nashville. The “King” is rooting for top-tier NASCAR racing to return to your fair city. And when the ‘King’ roots for something, baby, it often happens!

Petty graced The Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway Hall of Fame in an embellished royal capacity – another gem to add to his crown, you might say. But the glint in his eye suggested a second, more profound motive.

He’s taken a shine to the historic Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway. A $100 million glow, to be precise. That’s the proposed budget for the grand renovation, awaiting the green light from Metro Council.

But Petty wouldn’t express his support if it wasn’t all about the fans, the heart and soul of motorsport. Even suggesting that the mercurial All-Star Race take a tour of Nashville. A year or two, or as long as the good times roll, right Petty?

We know Speedway fans are clamoring to hear those engines roar again… uh, I mean, enjoy the anticipation build again at the Nashville Fairgrounds. Keep those fingers, toes, and lug nuts crossed, Nashville! With Petty in your corner, the Speedway might be your next dance partner!

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John Speedway: 1970s legend, Flamboyant, victorious, romantic. “Speedway’s the way, baby!” Buckle up!
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